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Multi-Unit Residential


Smart building technology and energy-efficient lighting can benefit all industries. MHT Technologies has installed Inspextor smart building technology and MHT Lighting fixtures in a wide range of industries, including government buildings, military facilities, gyms, retail locations, and more.

Buildings of all types and sizes benefit from the use of energy efficient LED fixtures and smart building technology. Consider a few of the many additional use cases of Inspextor’s PoE smart building software and PoE lighting solution

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Resident Convenience & Comfort

One of the main benefits of PoE smart building technology is the ability to provide convenience and customization for resident amenity spaces. With a PoE powered Internet of Things (IoT), residents can control and customize their environment through a single app, such as Inspextor, on their phone or tablet or through wall mounted control tablets and panels. This app can control everything from lighting to temperature to window shades, making it easy for residents to create a comfortable and personalized living space. Additionally, Inspextor can integrate with other smart devices, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, allowing for even greater control and customization.

Efficient Building Management

PoE smart building technology also provides building managers with increased data and control. By using integrated sensors and controls, managers can monitor and manage the building’s energy usage, lighting, temperature, and more, through Inspextor. This data can be analyzed and used to make more informed decisions about building operations, maintenance, and upgrades. For example, if a particular area of the building is consistently using more energy than others, building managers can use this data to investigate the cause and make necessary adjustments

Giving Developers and Owners an Edge

Those choosing to implement PoE smart building technology can expect reduced installation costs, energy use, and carbon impact. PoE technology uses ethernet cables two run both power and data eliminating the need for traditional electrical cables, which are more expensive. This reduces the overall cost of installation and can make it preferable for developers when creating smart building projects. Additionally, PoE technology is energy efficient, reducing overall energy use and carbon impact. This not only benefits the environment but can also lead to cost savings and meeting green initiatives for developers and building owners

Build for the Future

With the increasing demand for sustainable and energy-efficient building solutions, it is expected that PoE infrastructure will be the best choice for the future. PoE technology offers several advantages over traditional line voltage infrastructure, including lower material and installation costs, increased safety, and the ability to create DC micro-grids that reduce energy loss through conversion. Additionally, PoE infrastructure enables easy changes and additions to the system, making it more flexible and adaptable. The integration of smart building technology further enhances the benefits of PoE, allowing for automated and proactive building management


Reduced overall installation costs up to 25%
Up to 95% lighting savings
Increase occupant comfort
82% embodied carbon savings
Data-driven insights
And more.