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Single Family Residential

A smart home ecosystem

Elevate your customers’ home environments with MHT Technologies’ complete solutions. Our Inspextor platform not only reacts to your customers’ needs but also anticipates them, delivering unparalleled luxury and convenience.

With MHT Technologies’ comprehensive smart home platform, Inspextor, you can offer your customers a truly elevated living experience:

  • Dynamic, advanced lighting controls for
  • Beautiful environments
  • Complete customization of scenes and
  • Automations to create the perfect home
    environment for any family’s needs
  • Interconnected lighting, automated shades, and
    intuitive controls that elevate everyday life.

Connected by

Convenience & Comfort

MHT Technologies provides residential property developers with the products they need to offer homeowners increased comfort, reduced energy costs, and seamless light control solutions. Our products are designed to offer the flexibility customers desire while providing the efficiencies that developers require. What sets us apart is our ability to integrate with nearly any brand’s luminaires and wall controls, giving you and your clients unlimited design  choices.

Our low-voltage Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) backbone ensures a safer and easier installation process for a truly connected smart home. We also offer standardized and kitted solutions for national developers, maximizing installation efficiency without sacrificing the luxury value for future homeowners.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the living experience of your clients or streamline your development process, MHT Technologies has you covered. Choose us for advanced solutions that deliver on both performance and flexibility.


Reduced overall installation costs up to 25%
Up to 95% lighting savings
Increase comfort
82% embodied carbon savings
Data-driven insights
And more.