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Smart building technology and energy-efficient lighting can benefit all industries. MHT Technologies has installed Inspextor smart building technology and MHT Lighting fixtures in a wide range of industries, including government buildings, military facilities, gyms, retail locations, and more.

Buildings of all types and sizes benefit from the use of energy efficient LED fixtures and smart building technology. Consider a few of the many additional use cases of Inspextor’s PoE smart building software and PoE lighting solution

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MHT Technologies is helping healthcare providers tackle the challenge of reducing costs, improving patient care and satisfaction, and enhancing staff efficiency while simultaneously reducing environmental impact through its flagship product, Inspextor.

Inspextor offers control and integration capabilities with building automation systems to help institutions improve the quality of care. Create custom integrations to enhance patient care, set minimum safety light levels, track valuable assets, and more.

Hospitals consume a significant amount of energy in order to maintain optimal environments for treatment and recovery. Inspextor enables hospital management to analyze and adjust lighting according to needs and occupancy which can help reduce energy consumption across the healthcare facilities. With the right sensors and integrations, Inspextor can improve space utilization by identifying occupied and unoccupied spaces, helping administrators determine underutilized spaces for energy and cost savings and building improvements.

MHT Technologies’ Inspextor platform allows most applications to be centralized onto its easy to-use interface through its open API, enabling healthcare facilities to meet the complex demands of healthcare today effortlessly.

Government Buildings

MHT Technologies’ Inspextor smart building platform can provide advantages to both the bottom line and the occupant experience, while offering the public sector a chance to enhance their reputation in corporate social responsibility. Public buildings can experience a significant reduction in energy costs, have precise control over their lighting environment, and create personalized environments to optimize safety, health, and wellness by implementing Inspextor. With Inspextor, these buildings can adopt an adaptable automation solution that can accommodate future technologies that have not yet been identified. It is an immediate return on investment that not only benefits public sector buildings but also prepares them for success in the future as technology advances.

Educational Facilities

Educational institutions of all levels must prioritize creating safe, healthy, and energy-efficient learning environments, all while attempting to maintain aging buildings, reduce operating costs and lower their carbon footprint. That’s where Inspextor comes in – our software can ease many of the challenges administrators face.

Inspextor can help increase productivity by monitoring space utilization and providing energy-saving information. Inspextor can also enhance student learning and staff productivity through precise environmental control settings such as adjusting temperature and lighting according to each task.

Inspextor helps to reduce energy costs by optimizing lighting levels according to occupancy and settings. Inspextor provides one of the most cost-effective solutions for school systems to improve safety and reduce operating costs while meeting the demands of their stakeholders.


If you’re wondering whether Inspextor or MHT Lighting products are right for your facility, reach out. Our friendly team will advise on the benefits for your specific situation.