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Portmeirion Group’s Manhattan Showroom


41 Madison Ave, New York, NY






Inspextor &
MHT Lighting




MHT Technologies  outfitted Portmeirion Group’s Showroom at 41 Madison Avenue in New York City with Inspextor and MHT Lighting PoE Lighting Fixtures. The modern track lighting is flexible and adjustable to accommodate frequent product changes. The track lighting is also powered and controlled by Inspextor, our PoE-based software and hardware solution.

The Portmerion Group is a global homeware and frangrand brand company that provides unique, luxury products to its retail clients. The Group sells to over 70 countries worldwide through a network of distributors, agents, and own-retail stores. 

Since 2020, The Group has invested significantly in its online platform, omnichannel retailers, and pureplay web stores to capture the increased demand from consumers shopping online. 

The pandemic encouraged The Group to reconsider its premier office space at 41 Madison Avenue in New York City. While its employees worked at home, The Group reinvisioned the space to better accommodate their digital future. 

Previously, the space was an enclosed traditional work environment with offices that blocked the natural light. As the pandemic shifted work patterns, Portmeirion Group decided to downsize their real estate footprint but elevate the space. The office is now a smaller, but a much better display of their products for their B2B clients. Lighting played a crucial role in creating an upscale ambiance to match their products and needed to change to accommodate frequent changes in product displays. 

Portmeirion Group selected MHT Technologies’ Inspextor software platform and MHT Lighting track lighting LED fixtures to create a beautiful showroom for their commercial clients. Using the flexible controls and lighting solution allows The Group them to customize their space for new merchandise and their seasonal displays.


  • Reduced overall installation costs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • 40% faster install
  • Simplify installation and management
  • Reduced operating costs