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Episode 17 – Future Proofing With POE with Akram Khalis & Kim Johnson

Where are we with Power Over Ethernet? You know it’s coming so you might as well get on board. Akram and Kim from MHT, one of the industry leaders on POE, let you in on where the technology is headed and the hurdles to overcome, both technological and mental. Hey, your office landline is probably VOIP, so you’re already using POE. Now start thinking about using it for lighting.
Akram Khalis (AK) serves as MHT’s chief technology officer and co-founder of MHT’s Inspextor® smart building platform. As an entrepreneurial executive who currently holds three US technology patents, AK’s background in technology, product, and general management allows him to bridge the gap between engineers and businesses to bring high quality solutions to market efficiently.
Kim Johnson serves as chief marketing officer for MHT Technologies, a leader in Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting and building automation software. At MHT, Johnson leads strategic marketing of the company’s core brands, products, and solutions, as well as initiatives around education, partnerships, digital strategy, and thought leadership.