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Project at a glance


Greenfield Construction


20 Melrose Terrace, Long Branch, NJ 07740




335,000 SQF+


Inspextor &
MHT Lighting




Pier Village is a world-class multi-family  residential community situated on the oceanfront in Long Branch, New Jersey. With 245 luxury housing units, 45,000 square feet of retail and entertainment space, and 290,000 square feet of parking and common areas, Pier Village is an upscale community built by Greenfield Construction. MHT Technologies was engaged to create a modern and technologically advanced environment while reducing and monitoring energy consumption.

The Challenge

The property owner wanted to offer a more upscale, modern community that could seamlessly integrate with other building management systems. They were also looking for ways to reduce energy consumption while promoting green initiatives to energy-conscious tenants. The solution would need to be cost-effective on both the building materials and installation fronts.

The Solution

After conducting their due diligence, the client selected MHT Technologies’ Inspextor PoE system. Inspextor was chosen due to its ease of use and ability to seamlessly integrate with other building management systems. Additionally, MHT was able to configure the system to meet the specific needs of the facility. Customized reports, automated policies, and alerts were implemented to enhance the performance of the system.

The Results

By installing the Inspextor, the client was able to reduce their installation and material cost when compared to a traditional line voltage system by approximately 35%, resulting in substantial savings for the multi-million-dollar project. Installation time was also cut by about 40% due to the entire system running on category cables and RJ45 connectors. With complete control over their controls, the advanced AI provided by Inspextor allowed for ongoing savings with the ability to automate many of the lighting control functions. The controls and automation of the system helped keep costs down, as well as extending the life of the fixtures, thus reducing the need to frequently change out light bulbs.

The outcome of installing the PoE system was remarkable, and the client was
thrilled with the results. With Inspextor, the client has complete control over their system, and the advanced AI helps keep energy consumption down while promoting green initiatives.

MHT Technologies’ Inspextor PoE system is a cost-effective solution for reducing energy consumption while providing a technologically advanced environment. Pier Village is just one example of how MHT Technologies is leading the way in smart building technology, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of clients in a range of industries.


  • Reduced overall installation costs
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • 40% faster install
  • Simplify installation and management
  • Reduced operating costs