Case Study: Ocean Gate – A Smart Multi-Unit Residential Project

Ocean Gate is a state-of-the-art residential development in Long Branch, New Jersey. The community stands out for its integration of cutting-edge Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. Completed in 2023, the project encompasses two residential buildings housing a total of 170 apartments, a clubhouse, and a pool area. What distinguishes Ocean Gate is its innovative use of PoE, specifically the installation of Inspextor, MHT Technologies’ comprehensive PoE solution, and MHT Lighting fixtures throughout the development. The entire living environment has been designed to be fully intelligent and interconnected, offering a unique and technologically advanced experience for residents as well as owners and operators of the property.

The scope of work involved the strategic placement of MHT’s PoE-enabled lighting fixtures in the clubhouse, ranging from exit signs and exterior wall sconces to LED utility strip lights and decorative pendant lights. Additionally, several hundred PoE-enabled fixtures were installed in the common areas of the residential buildings, including hallways, lobbies, and recreational spaces, providing efficient and customizable lighting solutions.

Read and download the full PDF Case Study below: