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Our Inspextor platform provides two critical functions for enhanced building automation.

First, Inspextor serves as a smart building technology platform, built on the strengths of a PoE-backbone for reliability, scalability, and security. It provides integrated system-wide programmable control functionality without the need for separate control packages.

Second, Inspextor also serves as a monitoring and reporting manager, which enables the collection of powerful data that can be used to improve energy efficiency, streamline building management capabilities, and enhance security. 

The Inspextor dashboard is also available as an app for increased convenience and easy access.


Technology is only smart when it’s connected. With Inspextor, you can connect your building’s systems and technology in one easy to use software. Rather than trying to manage them all seperately.

Control Integrated Tech.

Many different devices and technology can work with and be controled or monitored by our Inspextor software.

Create Scenes.

Adjust environmental settings all at once with custom scenes. These can be made to cater to the daily weather or based on what a room is being used for.

Colortune Lighting.

Set the vibe with custom color selections. Different colors can have different effects on human psychology. For example, blue hues can increase alertness and warm colors can increase comfort and allow people to relax.


Use the Inspextor dashboard to monitor data collected on your building’s

Track Indoor Environments.

View real-time variables such as temperature, humidity, brightness, and how many people are using the space. Many of these variables can even be monitored by room.

View Energy Usage.

Knowing your energy consumption is the first step in reducing it. With Inspextor, you can monitor consumption down to the hour to help identify areas/times for reduction and saving.

Secure Access

With integrated smart access controls you can easily see who is in each space and when people are in the building.


Use Inspextor to create automations that streamline your buildings operation, work towards green building initiatives, and improve environments for you occupants.

Set Goals.

Inspextor lets you establish goals, like how much energy you want to save in a year, and helps you reach them.

Build Automated Policies.

Create policies to control multiple variables automatically to work towards goal and streamline operation.

Get Saving Suggestions

Inepextor makes suggestions to save energy based on uasage and occupancy data.

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Our team will be with you every step of the way, from planning to operation, to ensure your project reaches it’s full potential and help overcome any obstacles you may face.