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5 Big Questions: PoE & Lighting

We catch up with Kim Johnson, President of the PoE Consortium, to discuss the intersection of PoE technology and commercial lighting projects.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology holds the potential to transform the deployment of lighting in commercial buildings. Boasting numerous advantages over traditional line voltage systems, PoE technology facilitates the integration of data and power transmission via a single Ethernet cable, resulting in substantial cost reductions, enhanced energy efficiency, and heightened adaptability. These advantages promote a more sustainable and intelligent lighting infrastructure, establishing PoE as an important option to consider for contemporary lighting projects.


Topics we explore:

Where are the pockets of high demand right now (geographical areas, vertical markets, etc.)? (1:02)

How broad is the available ecosystem of PoE lighting products? (4:48)

How does involving IT-focused people in the deployment and maintenance of PoE lighting systems affect decision making, project complexity and stakeholder consensus? (8:39)

Why do you think PoE lighting hasn’t seen a more rapid and widespread adoption? (11:49)

What will be the “tipping points” that could cause PoE Lighting to accelerate in its use and adoption? (15:50)