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Owners and operators of luxury hospitality brands continue to look for ways to elevate their guests’ experiences. Examples of an elevated experience include providing touchless in-room amenities, automations, digital touch screens and more. MHT Technologies’ intelligent building solution, Inspextor, is a complete platform that delivers these amenities in addition to endless integrations. This is accomplished using an open architecture to fully integrate 3rd party systems and solutions for a comprehensive experience for guests. Not only are guests delighted, but facilities and hotel management can leverage Inspextor’s easy-to-use operational platform to execute on their responsibility for delivering excellence in guest experiences every day.

Connected by


Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

PoE technology delivers low voltage, safe and efficient DC power and bi directional data over one CAT 5/6e Ethernet cable. PoE technology provides several benefits for data centers, including cost savings, improved reliability, and easier installation and maintenance. Further, data centers can eliminate conduit and BX and reduce copper with this next gen solution.

Inspextor Software

Inspextor is an end-to-end Power-over-Ethernet technology solution for smart buildings. It is the software that brings connected devices and 3rd party software together into one easy-to-use and highly secure platform.

Powered Devices

If the device meets the power requirements or has an open API, it can connect to Inspextor. This includes LED fixtures, emergency lighting, access controls, environmental sensors, security systems, and more.

Inspextor User Controls

Use Inspextor’s user-based app for individual control of a space’s environment. In-room QR codes can allow guests to control their environment using their own device for a truly touchless experience.


  • Reduced overall installation costs up to 25%
  • Up to 95% lighting savings
  • Increase occupant comfort
  • 82% embodied carbon savings
  • Data-driven insights
  • And more