April 5, 2023

5 Big Questions: PoE & Lighting

We catch up with Kim Johnson, President of the PoE Consortium, to discuss the intersection of PoE technology and commercial lighting projects

March 28, 2023


We are excited to share these clips from the AGORA Talk Show (Season 7 Episode 2) which was a discussion about the INTERNET OF THINGS- POE LIGHTING. Special guest host Justin Moench talked with Akram Khalis.

March 9, 2023

Episode 17 – Future Proofing With POE with Akram Khalis & Kim Johnson

Where are we with Power Over Ethernet? You know it’s coming so you might as well get on board. Akram and Kim from MHT, one of the industry leaders on POE, let you in on where the technology is

February 10, 2023

Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Low Voltage Buildings?

Edison was right, Tesla was wrong. While that’s a little play on the 19th-century AC/DC electrical conversation and debate, it’s a timely reminder. Although AC is currently the standard source of power..