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MHT Technologies, New York City – based building automation leader, brings employee centric decisions to a new level with their Innovation Lab.

The Return to the Office

Human-centric spaces, customizability, the work from home experience…but at the office.

Following the great shift to remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic, employees desire more than a workspace if they are to return to the office. Since working from the comfort of their own homes, employees have enjoyed the benefit of spending their days in a space customized to their comfort with control over their surroundings.

For many, the option of remote work has become an integral aspect of any job they consider. However, it has been a challenge to retain and recruit top talent for many companies wanting employees to return to the office. Employers have considered a wealth of options to solve this roadblock and companies that have achieved success in bringing workers back to the office are those who listen to their employees first and utilize employee feedback and ideas to create human centric, customizable spaces. MHT Technologies is a leader in this business practice and is a strong case study of the benefits of putting the employee experience at the forefront of business decision.

Employee Centric Decisions

MHT Technologies, a New York City – based building automation leader, brings employee centric decisions to a new level with their Innovation Lab.

When MHT Technologies made the decision for employees to return to the office, the software developers examined what made the work from home experience so desirable and wanted to bring that same level of comfort to their offices. Presenting this idea to MHT leadership, the concept of making an office more like a work from home environment received buy in, and leadership encouraged the creation of a “smart office” at their New York City space.

MHT Technologies utilized their own Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology in the Innovation Lab and collaborated with several other partners in the smart building space to bring this idea of a customizable, human-centric office space to life. Wanting employees to be excited to return to the office by providing an unprecedented level of personalization in the space, MHT ensured the spirit of collaboration and innovation was present at each stage of the process and the ultimate result.

The Products Within the Innovation Lab

As a leader in both lighting and building automation, MHT Technologies relied upon their own technology and collaboration with partners to achieve their vision for the Innovation Lab. The backbone of the space is Power-over-Ethernet technology, providing the ability to transmit both power and data within the same cable. MHT’s end-to-end Inspextor PoE solution has been installed in spaces across the country and provides an open, customizable, solution with extensive integration capabilities. With these features, MHT was able to work with several partners to enhance the personalization capabilities in the Innovation Lab.

Utilizing PSE switches from Cisco and Lantronix in conjunction with MHT’s Inspextor nodes and hardware, the space is powered by a low voltage solution which was installed quickly and safely with the ease of category cabling and lack of wire housing or conduit.

Due to the open nature of the Inspextor solution, several integrations are included within the Innovation Studio to enhance the occupant experience and customizability of the space:

Installation done by Digital Building Solutions

Lighting provided by MHT Lighting, Intra Lighting, and Coronet Lighting

Access controls
provided by Kisi

Automated shading technology provided by Somfy and Mecho

Prescence detection and temperature reporting sensors provided by Steinel

The Results of the Innovation Lab


When employees arrive, they unlock the PoE employed doors with an app from their phone. The Inspextor software then utilizes the Bluetooth signal from the app to recognize the individual employee’s preferences and adjusts the lighting and window shades in their offices based on their preferred settings. In the common areas, the lighting, sensors, and shades are monitored and can easily be adjusted with a tablet dashboard depending on time of day or type of events in the space.

Increased Productivity

When employees feel comfortable and at home in a space, they are limited by distractions and discomfort and can better focus on their tasks and job duties leading to increased productivity and desired outcomes. Since the lighting, temperature, shades, and other aspects of the Innovation Lab offices are customized to each employee, they enjoy maximum comfort and feel right at home in the space.

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Data from sensors within the Innovation Lab is reported to the Inspextor sustainability dashboard allowing for real time feedback and the AI engine to propose settings changes to enhance energy efficiency and meet sustainability goals. The PoE installation also contributes to several LEED points towards certification and has lowered MHT’s carbon footprint and minimized inefficiencies.


With concerns of office spaces becoming obsolete, MHT has future-proofed their space for new technological developments to ensure the space will always have a purpose and be utilized by occupants. As new technologies emerge, the Inspextor solution is prepared to incorporate these integrations and continue to provide the customizability occupants have come to expect from the space.


Reduced overall installation costs
Reduced energy consumption
40% faster install
Simplify installation and management
Reduced operating costs