MHT Holdings has three (3) Federal
US Patents on various components
of our Inspextor Platform


Autonomous distributed lighting system

A system and method that uses a tag-driven network architecture controlled by one or more central controllers. Unique tags are associated with various system components such as remote switches, sensors and other peripherals. A tag is assigned to a node when the node is first entered into the network. A distributed policy creates relationships between tags of various different equipment. The tag typically defines what the policy is for a particular local node. The node executes the policy that is supplied in its tag by accessing a recipe associated with that tag. If a device is not working, other similar devices can take over its task simply by executing the recipe associated with the failed device’s tag instead of their own.


System and method of two-wire control of multiple luminaries

A system and method for controlling a multiplicity of luminaries connected to a single wire pair. The luminaries contain minimum circuitry to allow dimming and color tuning by pulses on the wire pair without the need for a separate control wire or control communication bus or network. A single luminary can be color tuned to many different colors as well as dimmed and turned on and off. A driver module drives the wire pair and receives commands over a network The driver module contains a pulse generation circuit that generates and applies pulses to the two-wire output. The amplitude of some the pulses control color of the luminary by selecting different LEDs in the luminary to light, while other pulses control brightness.


Energy source backup charging power supply that adapts to a variable input voltage

A power supply that senses the variable voltage on LED devices and uses this voltage to force current into a storage device such as a battery to charge it. When power fails, a DC-DC boost converter supplies the necessary voltage taking current from the battery to maintain the LEDs at percentage nominal current level.